Our new students. Liam, Daniel, Annabella, Amelio and Wyatt.

​Sunday, November 4th, 18.  Everyone has a job to do.

Tail kit number 2 sits in the foreground waiting for an inventory.

New student Annabella gets instruction from Doc Miller.

​Annabella and Daniel get started on the tail cone.

Trim Tabs Done!

Welcome to Airplane Number TWO!

Thanks to another generous donation from Joey and Neal Bowker, we have purchased a tail kit for a second airplane.

This fall we lost a few kids to graduations and universities but gained 4 new students. The new students will concentrate on building tail section number 2, while to older kids continue on the first airplane, and of course help the newer students succeed in their build.

Stabilator done!  On to the tail cone!

​Quick group shot!