While Daniel works on his wing, Brian can be seen outside with the canopy of #1.

Our new students. Liam, Daniel, Annabella, Amelio and Wyatt.

​March, 2020.  Fiberglass season has started on airplane # 2.

​Busy show with two airplanes being built at once.

Airplane # 2 gets its landing gear and sits on it's own on March 2nd, 2020.

Doc Miller giving our newest student Abby a quick lesson.

Welcome to Airplane Number TWO and BEYOND!

To avoid being repetitious, this portion of the website that shows our building will be brief and show highlights only.  Please enjoy the ride!

Thanks to another generous donation from Joey and Neal Bowker, we have purchased a tail kit for a SECOND airplane!

This fall we lost a few kids to graduations and universities but gained 4 new students. The new students will concentrate on building tail section number 2, while to older kids continue on the first airplane, and of course help the newer students succeed in their build.

​Working through February 2019 and into March, the group nears completing of a wing.

​Tail Cone Done

Stabilator done!  On to the tail cone!

​Quick group shot!

Trim Tabs Done!

Airplane # 1 on display at the Copperstate Fly-In at Buckeye Arizona on February 7th and 8th, 2020.

Into April 2019 the left wing is almost complete.   Mr. Littleton has a better way with wiring.

​We returned from the holiday break on January 6th, 2019 to find the wing kit had arrived for airplane number two!  Inventory time!

​In January, 2020 Brian finally got to fly the airplane with Mr. Brasch that he put so many hours into building, while a friendly dog looks on.

​They scared off the kids. 

The Bowker's have done it again, December 2019 they have purchased a third tail kit!  THANK YOU!  The students will be busy!

​As the school year ends, the position light of the left wing marks the wing's completion, as Mr. Littleton helps Daniel and others get started on the right wing.

​Wyatt checks off the inventory sheets.

​Annabella and Daniel get started on the tail cone.

​Sunday, November 4th, 18.  Everyone has a job to do.

Tail kit number 2 sits in the foreground waiting for an inventory.