Doc Miller giving our newest student Abby a quick lesson.

​Lots of work to do with wing ribs.

Annabella showed up with two broken toes but managed to help anyway.

While Daniel works on his wing, Brian can be seen outside with the canopy of #1.

A happy "Group Two!"

​Opening the spar box.

​Very busy night for both groups.

​We returned from the holiday break on January 6th, 2019 to find the wing kit had arrived for airplane number two!  Inventory time!

​Ribs getting attached to the spar.

Ribs are about done, so out comes the spar!

​Wyatt checks off the inventory sheets.

Into April 2019 the left wing is almost complete.  Abby works on a fiberglass wingtip while Mr. Littleton has a better way with wiring.

​Mr. Sanchez gives Daniel instruction on how to use a wire crimper.

​Working through February 2019 and into March, the group nears completing of a wing.