A Special "Thank You" To Our Donors Who Make The Southern Arizona Teen Aviation Program Possible.  All Donations Are Tax Deductible Under IRS Rules Pertaining to 501(c)3 Charities.  A Tax Receipt Is Available Upon Request.

​Donations help!

The Following Individuals Have Donated Goods And Services to Southern Arizona Teen Aviation.

Joey and Neal Bowker continue to make on-going generous donations to SATA.  We were happy to present them with a "Thank You" banner for their hangar today on May 19th, 2017. 

L. to R. Glenn Brasch, Neal and Joey Bowker, Bob Miller and Alan Muhs.

​Glenn Brasch (seen on the left with his eyes closed) presents a check to Alan Muhs for a very generous donation (1of 3!) from Neal and Jo Bowker.  Thank you Neal and Jo!

​The Following Corporations Or Organizations Have Donated to S.A.T.A. .  Please Support Them As They Support The Children In Our Community.

​(Click on companies for their websites)

​A second special thanks to "Chip" Petrash for his very generous donation!

​Two generous donations from Phillip Russo



Gary & Pam Bailey (X 2)

​Neal & Jo Bowker​​ (X3)

Glenn Brasch

Pete Cafarelli


Mel Jordan

Ben Keen

Janet Lintz​

David MacKenzie

Alan Muhs

Andrew Olson

​"Chip" Petrash

Ron Powell (X 2)

​Gary & Terri Roberts

​Jonathan Rovey (X 2).

Alex & Marilyn Santiago

Dave Sirota

Bob Sutherland

​Marty and Patricia Thomas​​

​Art Weisberger (X 2)

​Peter Xu

Jim O'Neil (RIP)

Jeff Zabel

Lee Unger

​Linda Wolters

​Rick Johnson

Mario Nickl

​Jennifer Turner

Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville (AL).

Jerry Shirley​​

​Mike Ebersole

​Travis Chevallier (RIP)​​

Mark and Renee Chevallier in memory of Travis.

Ulay Littleton

​Edward and Debra Shapiro

Mike Eesley

Ed Shapiro

Patrick DeConcini

​Pete Jacoby



​Another special thanks to Marty and Patricia Thomas for their TWO generous donations!

​Another hat sighting, Neal Bowker

The Following Individuals or Groups Have Made Monetary Contributions In 2017 To Help Fund The S.A.T.A. Program.

Donor Jonathan Rovey wearing his SATA hat.  Send in your hat picture!

Jim O'Neil from Ryan Field with his SATA cap.


Richard Bemer

Glenn Brasch

Bill Finnell

​Carl Houghton

Mel Jordan

​Bob Miller

Alan Muhs

​Matt North

A.J. Pawlowski

Rick Sked

Tito Sanchez

Dan Watters

​Dave Sirota

​Travis Chevallier (RIP)