Brian tries to avoid the cameras, so we got him from both directions.

​Lots of wires!

Cowl work begins.


We safely drove in formation using the call signs "Dump One" and "Dump Two".

​Our last work session of 2018 before the holiday break was mostly fiberglass prep work on the canopy area. 


On October 26, 2018 our engine arrived!

On April 2nd, 2018 our "finish kit" arrived.  The box had been delivered to Mr. North's business and, as seen below, Mr. North backs his truck up to the hangar with our latest box of parts.

We realized that much of our floor space was being occupied by empty crates from Van's Aircraft so on an off day Misters Jordan, Muhs and Brasch made a road trip to the dump!

The session also included EAA Chapter 81 Board Member and retired mechanic Steve Horton inspecting and signing off a recent Service Bulletin that had been completed.

​A little helper snuck in!

​While Jorge started working on tubing for the fuel system and Brian continued the finish work on the canopy, most of the activity was at the front of the airplane with the engine being hung.

​On October 28th inventory started.

​Looks like an airplane!

​Will the fuel tank fit?

​We end the school year with lots of work being done inside the cockpit and engine work and a proud Wyatt.  Best of luck to our 5 seniors who are going on to college.

​Thanks to Jorge, a new inspection panel is installed.

​Exciting avionics inventory and parts.

On December 9th and 10th, 2018 we did the final fitting of the wings to the fuselage.  Also continued with some minor engine work.  Group 2 has finished up Tail # 2, so they started preparing fiberglass for the canopy area.

​As we ended March and began work into April, the "new kids" helped a bit more on the first airplane, but they have their own to build!

​Throttle in!

Into April 2019 work continues on the top cowl and wiring installation, among other things!

​Wyatt adding oil to the engine!  August 18, 2019

Old Nick and new Nick.

​The E.L.T. is in.

Build dates continued in the new year in January on the 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th.  They included two more visits from Mr. Hobbs from Lightening West who helped with our canopy fiberglass.  Thank you again Mr. Hobbs!

Fun with glass cloth.

For the past several work sessions Wyatt has quietly taken on the project of the rear tail fairing.  While it looks simple, it is very complex and work intensive.  Here are a few shots from those sessions, with a happy guy as the work was completed .

​Brian makes some final touch ups to the canopy.  Outside builders have commented that our canopy has come out better than theirs.

​Annabella from "Airplane # 2 Group" also helped out, learning how to use a micrometer and completing the steps for connection control cables.

Even though our build dates took a break over the holidays, we moved some airplane parts out to the Bowker hangar to make more room in our build site.

​Inventory started 4/9/18!

​The resist to open the box could not be overcome, but the actual inventory will be completed later.

Summer, 2019.  Red hot like this type, yet a couple of dedicated students and mentors decided to press on, nearly completing the airplane.  Here are a few pictures from that summer.  Shown in most are Brian and Wyatt with a completed cowl, rear windows, and yes, instrument panel!

Work continued in February and March with 4 work days off due to holidays.

​"Boys will be boys!"

​Our old student Jeffrey stopped by.  He is now at the U of A and in ROTC.

​Nick, now in college and working, stopped back to help out.

Canopy fiberglass in its rough form.

​Lots of activity in the cockpit these days.

​We returned to work after the holiday break in January, 2019 getting the tail cone, among other things, mounted to the fuselage.

​Some of Jorge's family and friends stopped by.

​Inventory Complete!