Bending the longerons is no fun, as Doc Miller's face implies!

Starting to look like an airplane fuselage!

The foreground group works on the S.B. while work continues in the background on the fuselage.

​Our newest student Nicholas is helped by veteran Sebastian.

With the inventory complete, actual work begins on the fuselage with Nick on the left, Brian on the right and a hat in the center.

​A few more summer shots.

​Those of us that have build airplanes before have scrap boxes with aluminum lines that didn't quite fit right, it is an exact science, or the connectors will not connect! As seen on this line that is just a half an inch off. 

​Work continues on March 25th and 26th.  We also started compliance on Service Bulletin 18-02-02.

​The following images were taken on Feb. 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th as work continued on both the wings and fuselage.

Mr. Sanchez and Brasch take a break from looking at the plans to see what tools will be needed in the future.

​Work continued on January 21st and 22nd on both the wings and fuselage.  We also welcomed a new student, Nicholas.

​Mr. Sanchez helps Brian and Chase get started on the Service Bulletin

​Having fun now!

​Rudder pedals and brake assemblies coming together.

​Mr. Sanchez, who built his own RV-12, helps the students review a critical portion of the plans.

​Work continues on the wings (no, Chase is not about to shoot Andrew with the rivet gun!).

​Work continued on Feb. 18th and 19th.  We were off on the 25th and we forgot to take pictures on the 26th.

​Main spar center section coming together.

​Deep thoughts

​On November 1st, 2017 our fuselage kit was delivered!

The fuselage is starting to look like a fuselage!  

​And our finish kit is soon to be delivered, all 300 pounds of it!

​Mr. Sanchez explains a plans page.

On November 12th and 13th, work continued on both the wings and fuselage.

May 20th and  21st, 2018.  Our last scheduled work days of the school year.  Two of our students, Chase and Nick are graduating, but hope to come back when they can and see the project finished.  Work continued on the fuselage and we started Sunday's session with pizza and ended the session in a "relaxed" atmosphere.  We discussed meeting during the summer on Wednesday mornings.

And speaking of this summer, a few of our students that were going to be around expressed an interest to "press on"!  We decided to have a session on Wednesday mornings early before the heat strikes.  Below are a few pictures from those sessions.

​Doc Miller updates our newest student, Skyler.

Seat back parts!

​American Ingenuity!

​Cool Fox News Logo

​See you this summer and next school year!

No meets over spring break, and since the wings are finished, we continued working on the fuselage on March 11th and 12th, 2018.

​The horizontal stabilizer service bulletin is almost done.

​The students are getting so good at this there are times they don't need our help!

​Most of the following pictures represent the "center section" of the fuselage being completed.

​Fuselage work continues through September and into October 2018

Lots of work goes into the center section of the fuselage.

​Canopy work begins, hard stuff!

This is so tiring

​Works continued on the 28th and 29th on the fuselage.

School year 2018 begins and work continues on the fuselage.

​Work continued on 4/29  and 4/30 on the fuselage.

​Nick and Nickolas finish the final rivets on the bottom skin of the fuselage.

We continued work on the fuselage on 5/6 and 7 of 2017.  On the 6th we were visited by a local TV station.  The link to the story can be seen on the "About Us" page or HERE

​Roll Bar in Place!

​Making Airplane Noise

​Brian and Sebastian work on inventory sheets.

On Saturday, March 31st, 2018 we flew 3 planes and students to visit Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott (see Sortie page for photos).  We took off Sunday for the holiday and continued work Monday, April 2nd on the fuselage as seen below.  Our Finish Kit has been delivered. See newly added Finish Kit page.  We now are actively seeking funds for our engine.

As these photos show, we are still installing brake and fuel lines, which can be frustrating at times, as seen on Brian's face, or is it the photographer?

​On November 5ht and 6th, work starts an the fuselage inventory process and assembly. The 2nd group continues to complete the wings.  Students get rotated every 2 day sessions so everyone gets to work on all aspects of the project.

November 19th and 20th.

​Retired mechanic and EAA 81 member Mr. Horton stopped by again to have another look.

​​The holiday season from Thanksgiving 2017 into the beginning of January 2018 brought continued work on the wings, fuselage, and another "fly day".  There were also several days that we did not work due to the holiday school schedule. The following random pictures represent pictures that spanned those dates.  Hope you enjoy!

​​EAA Chapter 81 Vice President and retired master aircraft mechanic Steve Horton has a look.

​And now a word from our sponsors.

​Nick and Nicholas are anxious to move on the the flight control section.  We have a sneaking suspicion that Sebastian organized the parts for our next session.

​We took off Mother's Day but got some work done on May 14th, 2017.

Another stubborn fuel line gets a looked at.

​Ethan applies some goop while Chase's mom stopped by to "supervise."

​Fit and trim, fit and trim, fit and trim.  Mr. Sanchez has been down this road with his RV-12.

Lots of "Lines" these days, brake lines (above) and fuel lines.

Sebastian's "Pilot Notebook."

​Chase has settled in at the university and came back to visit and help.  He hopes to return more often. 

While Inventory on the Finish Kit Continued, the Fuselage Work Also Continued on April 16th, 22nd and 23rd, 2018.

Workdays April 8th and 9th, 2018.  Service Bulletin was completed and some work got done on the fuselage, but a lot of it was directed to the inventory on the finish kit.  See that page also.

Another milestone, fuselage is on the gear!

​With the wings about done, work continued on the fuselage on March 4th and 5th.