Prior to any first official flight, numerous tests and checks need to be done on the aircraft, including taxi testing, checking for, and fixing any discrepancies. These tasks were mainly completed by Mr. Sanchez, Mr. Brasch and student Wyatt at the Bowker Hangar at Ryan Field (KRYN) while the rest of the students continued to work on airplane # 2.  Below is a sample of these events, concluding with our group obtaining our "Airworthiness Certificate" by FAA Designee Ted DeSantis who donated his time.

​Liam and Mr. Muhs

​Diego with Mr. Jordan's airplane

​Aidan in Mr. Wood's airplane 

​It Fly's!

​Wyatt and Mr. Littleton

Besides current students, several of our "graduates" who worked on the airplane in prior years showed up for the event.​

On January 3rd, 2020 Brian was the first student to get a flight in N281AZ.  Well deserved.  Mr. Brasch reports Brian did a great job of flying the airplane himself for almost two hours.  Brian now attends Embry-Riddle College majoring in a topic we can't spell or pronounce.  Good Luck Brian!

​Leah and Mr. Littleton

The plane was flown by Mr. Sanchez, who has over 700 hours in his own RV-12.  Below are some pictures from the event.

September 16th, 2019 was a culmination of years of work and hundreds of work hours on our Van's RV-12iS airplane, N 281AZ.

We started the day as a "fly-day" for our current students in our own RV airplanes.  Mentor pilots and airplanes were:

Mr. Muhs - RV-10

Mr. Jordan - RV-7A

Mr. Sanchez - RV-12

Mr. Littleton - RV-6A

Mr. Brasch - RV-9A

​And volunteer pilot Mr. Wood - RV-12

And Now It's Time To Fly The Students Airplane!

​Daniel and Mr. Brasch

​Joel and Mr. Sanchez

Early morning start