September 16th, 2019 was a culmination of years of work and hundreds of work hours on our Van's RV-12iS airplane, N 281AZ.

We started the day as a "fly-day" for our current students in our own RV airplanes.  Mentor pilots and airplanes were:

Mr. Muhs - RV-10

Mr. Jordan - RV-7A

Mr. Sanchez - RV-12

Mr. Littleton - RV-6A

Mr. Brasch - RV-9A

​And volunteer pilot Mr. Wood - RV-12

And Now It's Time To Fly The Students Airplane!

​Daniel and Mr. Brasch

Watch press coverage HERE

​Liam and Mr. Muhs

​Diego with Mr. Jordan's airplane

​Joel and Mr. Sanchez

Early morning start

​Aidan in Mr. Wood's airplane 

​It Fly's!

​Wyatt and Mr. Littleton

Besides current students, several of our "graduates" who worked on the airplane in prior years showed up for the event.​

​Leah and Mr. Littleton

The plane was flown by Mr. Sanchez, who has over 700 hours in his own RV-12.  Below are some pictures from the event.