The students have now learned the basic techniques for working with aircraft aluminum. Time to get started on the real thing on 3/6/17!  

​Jorge cleco's the real thing for the first time.

The Real Deal!  16 student work hours later, the inventory is complete!  But there is still a little time left in the session to actually put some aircraft parts together tonight! 

​In the next page, the serious work begins.

Inventory.  The first task of starting.  All parts must be inspected for shipping damage and every part must be checked off a master list of contents to ensure completeness of the kit.

At first it feels like your birthday opening presents, but gets serious quickly.

Sebastian told me:  "I can't believe I am holding a real airplane part."

​Over 10,000 rivets.  We trust Van's Aircraft, we don't count them.

Nick checks off inventory while Glenn Brasch looks on.

​Pablo separates some parts with a hack saw.