​Jorge and Mr. Sanchez get ready.  (It was a little cold!)

​There were rumors of side bets going on to see if Mr. Northcutt would fit in a cockpit.  He did!

​Friends and family gather.

​Pablo and Mr. Sanchez.

Sorry to report phones and cameras were not allowed, but a fun time was had by all, well, the students had a fun time, us mentors did not get a chance to "fly".  Maybe that's better.

Chase and Mr. Jordan grinning.

Above shots, Mr. Hobbs explains the all fiberglass airplane kits.

Last 2 planes on the ramp before going home, a Brasch RV-9A and Muhs RV-10.  Mr. Jordan also gave the students a sneak peek of the RV-7 that he is building.  Some people just need to build 2 planes!  Stay tuned for more Sorties in the fall!

Sortie # 2.  

Young Eagle Flights, Marana (KAVQ) Airport, May 13, 2017.

Thank you again Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs of Lightning Aircraft West!  To learn more about these very cool aircraft, click ​HERE.

You can learn more about Young Eagles Program HERE.

Sortie # 7, April 15th, 2018, a Trip to "Ski's" House Which Consists of Lots of Airliner Parts!

On Saturday, March 31st, 2018 we flew 3 planes and students to visit Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott.  The University is building a Van's RV-12.

​Sortie # 4, Copperstate Fly In.

On December 16th we had our second "fly day".  Here are a couple shots from that day.

Sortie # 8!  Fly Day!

​We had a successful fly day on October 28, 2018.  Annabella, who is an aspiring pilot, is shown after flying in Mr. Brasch's RV-9A.  Cool dude Liam is shown in flight.  We had several airplanes with 9 students, unfortunately just about everybody forgot to take pictures.

On October 28th, a few of us attended the Copperstate Fly In at Falcon Field in Mesa.  Most of us wandered off looking at various sites, so we didn't get a lot of pictures.  If you would like to see more pictures of the event in general, you can view the pictures Mr. Brasch took for 

​General Aviation News by clicking HERE

​A nice surprise, the students will each get some "stick time" in the A-10 simulator. Here they are "briefed" in the darkened briefing room by Major "Rudy".  The base is under attack by terrorists.  Our "pilots" will have to defend the base and knock out enemy positions.

​Brian has the "RV Grin" after a ride with Mr. Brasch

Another fly day on the cool morning of April 13th, 2019 from Ryan Field.

​Nick talks Army Aviation.

​Gary Wood donated his time and RV-12 to take up a couple students, here Ethan.

​Group shots, people holding their hats in the high winds that day.

​Grabbing some shade!

​Mr. Sanchez briefs Abby with a proud dad in the background.

Sortie # 3.  

​A Trip To Lightning Aircraft West. 

Mr. Northcutt explains the rescue hoist on the Blackhawk.

​Name the shy one.

Sortie # 5, Fly Day!

​Thanks Ski!

After the A-10 visit we went to Mr. Northcutt's office for looks at Customs helicopters and airplanes.

Nick with Travis who volunteered to fly.

​Andrew and Mr. Northcutt ham it up!

Andrew and Mr. Jordan and his RV-6A.

Wyatt has "The Grin" even before his flight with volunteer pilot Mr. Wood.

There is a phenomenon among people that fly and ride in RV aircraft that happens upon landing called the "RV Grin". You will see a few below.

​Mr. Brasch took up Jorge's mom for a quick flight in his RV-9A.

Sortie # 6, Prescott Visit.

​A special thanks to Mr. Northcutt who set this up.

​Daniel gets a ride from volunteer pilot Mr. Fjerstad in the shadows.

​Thank you Embry Riddle University!

Sorties, we called them Field Trips in Middle School, but this is aviation. So they are Sorties.  We hope to experience many of them.  Below is the first to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. 

Here Mr. Wood took up Jorge, as seen with the RV Grin.

Don't touch the red button, Nick!

That is one spotless hangar floor!

Mr. Sanchez does a thorough pre-flight while Mr. Muhs shows off his photogenic side.

Stay tuned for more Sorties!

Mrs. Hobbs showed us one of the many guest rooms and part of the kitchen.  There is a western theme throughout the living side of the hangar.  Much of the artwork was painted by Mr. Hobbs.

​Sebastian looks over a Bush Cat.

​Sebastian with Mr. Sanchez in his RV-12.

Mr. Brasch begins a briefing and then gave a ride to another Wyatt, who is a potential future student.

We all did get a chance to look over the real thing in a maintenance hangar.

On October 2nd, Crystal and Greg Hobbs of Lightning Aircraft West in Marana were kind enough to open the doors of their 17,500  square foot hangar/home and let us see what they are all about.  They offer builder assistance for the Lightning Aircraft where owners attend for weeks at a time, living and building their airplanes at the facility.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs!

​Nick and Mr. Muhs.  It was rumored Nick was looking for red buttons to push again.

In the below pictures, Mr. Hobbs explains how easy it is (compared to an aluminum airplane) to repair fiberglass.  He demonstrated on a real repair job how to repair a damaged cowl.  The students got a hands on feel for "laying up" fiberglass.

​Jeffrey and Mr. Muhs grinning in front of the RV-10.