​Getting there!

Position light brackets in their fiberglass mounts.

​The wings are DONE!

Our newest student Brian works on a rib while Jorge and Mr. Jordan looks on.

​Jorge and Andrew start riveting the wing!

​EAA Chapter 81 Vice President and retired master aircraft mechanic Steve Horton has a look.

​Mr. Jordan shows Nicholas the in's and out's of our tools, while Chase gets him working on the actual wing.

​On September 24th we started out with an intro to electricity class taught by Mr. Jordan.

​Mr. Muhs looks over the spar with Jorge, Ethan and Chase.

Both wings are near completion!

In the few pictures that follow, Brian and a few others start the installation of the landing light.  While the finished product looks simple, it is a complex process involving aluminum fabrication, riveting, cutting plexiglass and electrical work.

Work continued on January 21st and 22nd on both the wings and fuselage.  We also welcomed a new student, Nicholas.  Below, Mr. Muhs give a talk about rules for the benefit of Nicholas, and a good review for the other students.  Among other things, no alcohol, drugs, fowl language or phones.

​The holiday season from Thanksgiving 2017 into the beginning of January 2018 brought continued work on the wings, fuselage, and another "fly day". There were also several days that we did not work due to the holiday school schedule. The following random pictures represent pictures that spanned those dates.  Hope you enjoy!

​The wings are starting to look like wings!

The group in the foreground works on the fuselage while the work on the wing continues in the background.

​Mr. Sanchez having flashbacks of his RV-12 build.

November 19th and 20th

We are actively seeking funding to purchase our finishing kit, engine and avionics which sell for over $50,000.00. 

​Please consider a tax deductible contribution to our project.

 A tax receipt will be provided upon request.

"It's all about the kids." 

​October 22nd and 23rd, more wing work!

​What is it about these air hoses?

Landing light done!  And it worked!  Good job Brian et al!

​Tomorrow instead of a work session, we are going on a sortie to the Lightning Aircraft West hangar.  See the Sortie section for some cool pictures.

Nicholas is quickly on his own, while Chase gets back to some grunt duty.

​A dark quiet shop before a work session.

​CONGRATS to Mr. Northcutt on his retirement!  On to a second career as an airline pilot!

​Doc Miller explains wiring.

Work sessions 9/16 and 9/17 brought a near close to wing rib work.  The highlight was a engine presentation by Mr. H.L. Cooper, (www.azsportflying.com) who has worked around Rotax engines for over 20 years.  He has been kind enough to let us look around an engine that he has left in our hangar for demonstration purposes.  Thank you Mr. Cooper!

​Showing off the project to visitors!

Mr. Brasch and Muhs got caught helping debur.

​On October 28th, we took a "sortie" to the Copperstate Fly In at Falcon Field in Mesa.  See the sortie page for a few pictures.

Mr. Jordan helps Brian with wiring.

​Dr. Miller is happy to help while all this training is going on.

Stall warning device installed.

​Stall Warning unit.

​November 5ht and 6th Chase and Andrew and others continue to work on the wings, but will be rotated soon to the fuselage.

Work on the wings continues on October 30th.

I guess this proves there is more than one way to roll up an air hose!​

​On October 1st, work on the wings continued.

​Removing protective plastic from rivet lines.

​​The following images were taken on Feb. 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th as work continued on both the wings and fuselage.

Mr. Brasch shows Ethan a new technique on a grinding wheel.

​On November 12th and 13th, work continued on both the wings and fuselage.

​Pablo and Brian work on an individual rib, while Jorge and Mr. Northcutt look over the right wing.

On the 25th we were given a presentation by Mr. David Hernandez on Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott.

Then we began aligning wing ribs to the spars!

​Some words of wisdom from Mr. Northcutt.

A fiberglass lesson as we prepare to finish the wing tip lights and fairing.

Our build dates of September 10th and 11th (NEVER FORGET!) had one group working on the spar, then both groups getting into the boring task of deburring, trimming and fluting all of the ribs.

​Work starts on the wing spar.

Mr. Cooper talkes engines.

Took a break to learn a little about the Rotax engine.  This used engine is on loan to us for demonstration purposes.  We still have to buy our own!  (Please donate!  Wink, Wink!)

Work continued on Feb. 18th and 19th.  We were off on the 25th and we forgot to take pictures on the 26th.

Left, Mr. Northcutt helps the students finish up rib prep, while Mr. Sanchez (above) does the same.

​Flaperon finished!

Our August 27th & 28th sessions involved a little finish work on the tail, and more wing spar work.

​Mr. North shows the students how a 4 stroke engine works on his iPad while Mr. Cooper observes.

Work sessions on October 15th and 16th Involved more work on the wings.  Wiring is also involved for the landing light and stall warning unit.

We have completed our tail kit and on August 21st. 2017 began working on our wings.  The first tedious task is to inventory each and every part (well, we don't count each rivet) and check them off a list.

​In the preceding 3 pictures, Jorge is the team leader this night.  He reviews the plans while Chase and Andrew complete the work.

​Pablo in deep thought.

​At right, out come dozens of wing ribs.

​Three mentors to one!?  Poor Jorge!